• conciertoUNMediterraneo
    First Mediterranean Concert
    The starting of a cycle
    of dialogue and exchange
    conducted by the music.
  • conciertoUNMediterraneo2
    A symbolic framework for the encounter
    Opening a space to art
    and promoting the understanding between cultures.

The concert

The "Mediterranean Concert"

Geneva, july 9 2016

A tribute to Mediterranean music and its value in creating a common space between different civilizations of the Mediterranean Sea, promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding between civilizations.
For this concert, the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Morocco presented a formation composed of 27 musicians. A large group of renowned artists joined the orchestra, representing different cultures and sensibilities of the Mediterranean: Toni Cuenca (Spain), María del Mar Bonet (Spain), María Farantouri (Greece), Tania Kassis (Lebanon), Ara Malikian (Lebanon), Hani Mitwasi (Jordan), Sapho (France), Sílvia Pérez Cruz (Spain), Hossam Ramzy (Egypt), Aïcha Redouane (Morocco), Le Trio Jourban (Palestine), Francesca Schiavo (Italy), Renzo Spiteri (Malta), Vakia Stavrou (Cyprus), Yosra Zekri (Tunis), Jovan Milosevski (Macedonia), and the musical producer Oriol Ferrer (Spain).
This concert was the first of a series os concerts on the encounter of the Mediterranean cultures that, once performed in the UN-Geneva, will be staged in historic sites around the Mediterranean to give worldwide projection to the value of the Mediterranean heritage and to help in its restoration.

The concert: images

“First Mediterranean Concert”

The dinner, a tour through the sophisticated Moroccan cuisine.

After the magnificent concert there was a Gala Dinner at the Intercontinental Hotel of Geneva. There were served emblematic dishes of the rich Moroccan cuisine, as Pastilla, Tagine and Couscous.

The Dinner: images

“The dinner following the "Mediterranean Concert”